Services we offer

- 01

Measurement verification and Area assessment

in line with Builder / Architect / Contractor obligation

- 02

Internal Cracks

to be termed as Structural which is Critical and needs immediate action/ Temperature which needs to be addressed with suitable compounds

- 03


from External Cracks / rising dampness through walls / pipe joints or junctions with concrete surfaces / through upper floors owing to improper pointing or low quality concreting standards adopted in Slabs etc

- 04

Service aspects

in line with the schematics provided for the specific home concerning the routings and circuits and the safety measures ensured – applicable for Plumbing and Electrical mechanisms

- 05

Joinery Standards

a check on the joineries provided with regard to alignment, product durability, accessories, operating mechanisms etc

- 06

Flooring, Dadoing and Counter tops

an assessment into the material standards with regard to bends / size, and laying issues concerning plan alignments, uniformity in - levels / verticality / thickness / pointing finishes, hollowness etc

- 07

Interior works

assessment on the interior finishes like False Ceilings, panelling, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, furnitures etc.

- 08

Safety and Maintenance aspects

understanding on the electrical safety standards providedto counter eccentric loading, provision of valves for plumbing considering ease of maintenance, user friendly water pressure at the end points, height and gaps of Balcony handrails in line with the Statutory regulations, control valves and piping done for reticulated gas systems etc, and product durability issues

- 09


checking for the fixity, its alignment, product durability and quantity / position in line with the client requirements supported with drawing / communication datas

- 10

Painting works

assessment of paint finishes with regard to uniformity in the texture, application patches, colour fading, surface undulations etc.

- 11

Pest Controls

assessment of pest infestation possibilities owing to gaps as a result of unfinished civil works, gaps in kitchen counter tops / joineries / flooring etc., insect traps in toilet / sink areas, termite attacks, drainage systems / water tanks etc.

- 12


analysis in line with the document datas provided involving service schematics, architectural plans, statutory inputs etc

- 13

Interior upgrades

recommendation towards upgrades or improvements on the existing interior options provided without affecting the available systems

- 14

Technical Assistance in home buying

providing assistance / recommendations on the home buying parameters in view of all the Statutory / Legal aspects connected with the proposed property

The scope of Inspection on the above services shall also be applicable for specific areas only, as required.

Re Inspection post rectification on the above services (wholly or part), shall be made applicable, if required.

Stage wise Inspection on all services (Architectural / Structural / Service aspects / Finishes etc.) involved during the entire construction of Villas / Individual Homes on a periodical basis. This would also include inputs on the optimum interior design options, if required.

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