Frequently Asked Questions

A Home Inspection is one that enables verification of a completed home / apartment with regard to its occupancy area, specifications, work quality standards, service compatability etc.

A Home inspection usually takes a max of 02 days, but shall be subject to the area being occupied

We are a team with over 25+ years of experience in construction and management of apartment / Villa / Commercial and Hospitality projects.

Prevention is better than cure, so we suggest to conduct technical inspection at each stage of construction from the foundation works to final finishing works.

Yes, but subject to concurrence of the Association.

Within 03 days of post Inspection.

This would not be necessary as the Report details on the findings with the root cause and the remedial measures to be adopted to rectify on the defects noted. However, upon special request, our expert team will come for discussion with the concerned.

Amount shall be specific to the home to be inspected with regards to the Area and category of the home. However, the the amount spent shall be worth in consideration of a quality home that you possess, post inspection. 

Not necessarily, But we prefer you to be present at the time of inspection.

Trust is based on the industry experience and credentials of the team involved. The report itself shall substantiate on the findings with relevant proof of the details noted.

Yes, we do provide technical supports for outstation clients also.

Report can be provided as Soft and Hard copy but we recommend to have all communications and reports online as part of green initiative.

We can undertake to get the rectification works done for part or whole of the defects noted. In case of any defects not being able to be executed by our team, the same shall be done with outsourced agencies. Cost for these services, shall anyhow, be additional.

Yes, you will get the support of our team post inspection.

The same depends on the level of expertise you have in analysing the completed works

Since the defects are specific, remedial measures shall also to be subject to the category and nature of findings observed. This shall be mentioned in the reports generated.

Yes, we highly recommend to do so.

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